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How to have a perfect shave ?

We advise you to shave your beard after taking a  shower in order to help prepare the skin.

1.       Wet your face with warm water or with a hot damp face cloth, then put your shaving brush under the tap and shake to remove excess water.


2.       Use a circular motion with the bristles of the brush on the shaving soap to obtain a smooth lather. Apply the lather to the face,

still using a circular motion of the brush, to ensure that the hairs are raised and well wetted.

Don’t feel afraid to apply the soap thickly so as to cover the face well.


3.       With your razor, using the lightest touch possible, begin to shave on one cheek whilst stretching the skin with your other hand.

Applying too much pressure with the razor will be ineffective.

Passes of the razor should be short, slow and delicate. It is recommended to leave the chin and ,

around the mouth until last to give the lather more time to soften the hair.

For perfectionists the first pass should be in the same direction as the growth of the hair,

and the second against the direction of growth. Rinse the blade frequently.


4.       Rinse your face with hot water and then with cold. Dab dry with a clean, dry towel.


5.       Apply Gentleman Barbier After-shave Lotion with essential oil of organic Cade Juniper wood allowing it to penetrate the skin.


6.       After use store your shaving brush in its holder with the bristles pointing downwards to allow it to dry properly.

It is necessary to replace the blade of your razor regularly.


Please remember that men spend between 5 and 10 minutes shaving each day, so better to use a good quality razor and brush.


And think to moisturise your skin and nourish your beard with beard oil.

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